Ever experienced the ride that would make you glide on the road and feel yourself slide smoothly with the speed? Ever wondered what an ideal Sedan could be? Audi brings out the A4, the best that a sedan could offer.The stone grey bonnet that is rounded out gives a three dimensional effect. The side air inlets and a redesigned angular front fog lights fit in well with the full image. The xenon plus headlights feature the sophisticated technology and are also equipped with the LED lights that run during daytime. The ride tends to give a sporty as well as a sophisticated feeling when you seat yourself and get the feel of the sassy steering.

Engine is what makes the A4 roll. Introducing the models in two forms, the TDI and TFSI engines, which is a consequent combination of economical direct injection and turbocharging. As standard, all engines are equipped with the start-stop system, as a result of which they are among the most fuel-efficient power units of their class. Its nature is what makes it effective and efficient. This is what makes A4 stand out different from others.

Audi introduces a new feature that makes the A4, a worthy competitor in automobile industry. The Audi drive select efficiency helps in saving fuel and improves consumption. This encourages a more balanced driving style. This feature is available only on the Audi A4 35 TFSI. The price of Audi A4 is Rs-32.11 lakhs. The firm is known for making its mark in India by selling over a 1000 models every year. For more information regarding Audi log on to: www.audigurgaon.in.