A sedan which is touted to be not just a car but a mobile personality, Audi A4 is infused with features that will amaze you. With a striking face and unsurpassable technology this car is undoubtedly for those who love to drive their personality. It is a driver’s delight and since its introduction it has become one of Audi’s best sellers.  The attractive interior, nimble handling and comfortable ride has earned this car many fans even among the critics. Audi A4 price has also played a pivotal role in its demand in the market.

Audi A4 2015 model has turbocharged four-cylinder engine, automated transmission and front-wheel drive. Experts who have test driven this swift ride is of the opinion that unlike some sport sedan rivals, Audi A4 is both athletic and smooth. The electromechanical power steering works depending on the speed and is a surety of great precision. The exceptional driver information system which analyses driving behaviour and recommend breaks, an assistant that will support you in your long expeditions.

One feature that truly compliments the Indian weather is the efficient 3-zone automatic air conditioning. It is equipped with a sunlight-dependent control that adjusts itself as per the air temperature, flow rate and distribute it electronically. There is separate regulation for the driver, front and rear passengers, on each side.

Audi from decades has always believed that enhancement in efficiency comes only from innovation. Hence it has been providing decisive impetus to the automobile industry. All the measures are taken to maintain the efficiency and sportiness in every car. Not only today but always Audi would like to stand by what it says- Vorsprung durch Technik (Advantage through Technology).