As a manufacturer of high-quality and innovative luxury cars, Audi is one of the world’s leading premium brands and is among the most admired on the world market. The basis of its success comprises pioneering concepts in the domains of advanced technology and design. Audi is represented in 110 countries worldwide and since 2004; Audi has been selling its products on the Indian market. At present Audi is assembling one of its luxury cars The Audi Q7 – A luxurious performance for seven.

When you imagine both power and beauty in abundance, you could well end up with the image of an Audi Q7 in your head. This SUV packs in the robustness of a winner without the aggression of a victor. Its versatile interior charms with its confidence and sportiness, even as it gives in to your every whim. You are reminded once again of its strength when it offers you the largest luggage space in its class; and yet again, when it races effortlessly even on the most rugged of terrains on the permanent four-wheel drive. Its off-road capability is to rave about!

Audi Q7 includes following features:
1. High shoulder line
2. A narrow window area
3. A sloping roofline that moves towards the rear of the Audi Q7
4. Angled rear window

All these features combined altogether to provide a classy look for this sport utility vehicle. Basically, the taillights of the Audi Q7 are very much like the Audi Avant with its tips forming top corners of the license plate opening. Other than that, the Audi Q7 also has a rear bumper that has two long and thin reflectors mounted on it. This rear bumper holds the added assumed function of being turn signals or rear fog lights.