Everybody knows that someone who loves a car, it is not simply an appreciation how they might get from one to another place, but the real love for the engine sounds, the comfortable feel of seats and the thorough understanding of the under bonnet works. Unluckily for many people, the cars make the people really excited and buying one is just day dreaming for the enthusiastic fans. Fortunately, anybody can go for a ride just to find how it is without the expense of buying one of it. The driving experience is a nice idea to allow the fans to drive the amazing vehicle and give back it with a full tank.

The Audi R8 version has brought a change to the super class exotic cars and challenged his Italian competitor both in price and efficiency. Recently, Audi adds 4.2 litres and 5.2 litres R8 coupe and produces a convertible Spyder of 5.2 litre V10.The V10 can launch average 60 miles per hour merely 3.7 seconds and can produce 525 horse power and a torque of 391 ft-lbs, On the other hand, 4.2 litre V8 can travel 0-60/mph in 4.4 seconds and capable to produce 317ft-lbs torque and 420 horse power.

The new Audi R8 is all aluminium framed with a lightweight rigidity and a high powered mid-engine. The external part of R8 is very impressive with side blades and carbon fibre trim, which can’t be imitated. The unique LED headlight, taillights set off reflects the exotic design of Audi. The aluminium fuel doors, door sill, automatic extend rear spoiler, 19” alloy wheels completes the package where the Ferraris and Lamborghinis might be forced to notice. Interior of R8 consists of hand-stitched leather, parking sensor, rearview cameras, navigation and power mirrors. The price of R8 spyder prices will be shared over phone.

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