S6: A terminology based on cricket that stands for Super 6 meaning grand, better and higher than ever.
Audi S6
The Sizzling Audi S6 casts a spell over its ambience, making them want to be the captain onboard. Exemplifying the style in which it carries itself out, the S6 is the daddy of A6. With sporty seats and the speedometer wanting to be on the rise, the car leaves a trail of smoke dust that stays long, long enough for you to enjoy the hurricane view. With MMI touch and navigation and LED lights, all you lack is painting the vehicle black to turn into a bat mobile. Metal might be good to get your head banging, but is great in sight. With a masculine appeal in the front view, a sexy sideline, stunning 19 inch rims and a rear worth watching, this is what every man would like to own and women would want to be on. With a VFSI progeny being introduced, the modest engine, although very efficient, ensures less consumption of fuel and low carbon emissions by using 4 out of 8 cylinders, the four being at partial throttle. It also has the automatic start and stop when the vehicle is stationary, the energy conserver where the kinetic energy converts into electrical energy later being stored in the battery. When riding you would wish the side, rear and front view mirrors to show you in it. What Audi lacks is that selfie accessory that would make you feel obsessed about you…not but the S6. For more information go to www.audigurgaon.in.