Livemint reported that Audi sold 650 more cars than Mercedes Benz in 2014 in India, thereby holding on to its #1 position in the Indian luxury car segment for the second year in a row. In fact, the German manufacturer reported that it sold a total of 10,851 units through 2014, as compared to Mercedes’ 10,201 units. BMW lagged the two by a meaningful margin. With Audi gaining popularity in South Delhi, as in the rest of the country, you can now choose from a wide variety of models right here in Delhi and Gurgaon. If you are looking for a luxury sedan, here are the three most popular models.

Test Drive the Top 3 Models
1. The A3 : This is the car to pick if you prefer boot space to a hatchback. And in India, we don’t really associate the hatchback with luxury, do we? The best part is that you get to choose from either a petrol or diesel variant, with the petrol engine being the 1,8L 40 TSFI one and the diesel one being the 2.0L 35 TDI option. The former is a 4 cylinder engine, with peak torque of 250Nm and available from 1200 to 5000 RPM. With maximum power of 177 bhp, you get a top speed of 224 kph! This engine comes mated with seven speed, dual clutch S-tronic auto transmission. The diesel variant also is a 4 cylinder version but with better power output than the Q3.

2. The A4 : This is possibly the model responsible for the record sales of this manufacturer. With a revamped version is set to be launched in India in 2016, you can choose from four engine variants, with two each in petrol and diesel. The 1.8L TSFI petrol engine gives maximum power of 170 bhp and peak torque of 320NM with both 3800 RPM an d 1200 RPM. The engine is couple with CVT transmission. The large V6 petrol engine gives max power of 328 bhp at 5500 RPM and peak torque of 440 Nm at 2900 RPM, and comes mated with a seven speed automatic transmission. Audi lovers in South Delhi can also choose from the V6 or 3.0L diesel engine, both of which are paired with the Quattro system for enviable performance.

3. The A6 : Now this one is the most popular model across the world, mainly due to its elegant styling, luxurious interiors and all wheel drive. Following the huge success of this model, the manufacturer has launched a revamped version with completely redesigned exteriors and interiors, along with a reconfigured suspension and more efficient engine options. Whether you are looking for value for money, performance, style, safety or eco-friendliness, this model has it all. The four engine variants that lovers of Audi in South Delhi can choose from are the 3.0L TFSI, 2.8L FSI, 3.0L TDI and 2.0L TDI.