Did you know that 137,000 people were killed in road accidents in India in 2013 alone, which is more than those killed in all of India’s wars put together? At least 20 children die each day due to road accidents before they reach the age of 14, and Delhi records the highest number of deaths attributed to road crashes, among all the cities in India. This information, taken from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, presents a dismal but real picture of the status of driving in the country.

As a road user yourself, what cost would you put on the safety and comfort of your loved ones? Apart from the safe driving rules that all driving license holders in India learn, it is the features of the car itself that should be your first priority, when planning to secure the experience of commuting on India’s widely notorious roads.

Audi has features such as air bags, carbon fibre and aluminium body, electromechanical parking brakes, electronic stabilisation control, Driver Information System and Audi Pre Sense Basic to ensure your drive experience remains event free.

Build Your Audi Feature with the Audi India Price
Audi allows you the flexibility to choose the features that you prioritize in your car with a tool called ‘Build Your Audi’ on most Audi India websites.

The first step, when you click on this link, asks you to choose the make of the car you have in mind. With this basic platform in view, you can choose the engines that are available for that model. For example, for the A4, the very next page after choosing this model quotes its ex showroom Audi Delhi price at Rs. 31,65,000/. You can now choose from the fuel types. Do you prefer petrol or diesel? Petrol variant engines are the 3.5 L TFSI and the TFSI PI, with nearly the same power between them. Clicking on the diesel option allows you to choose between TDI engines with the same volume capacity.

You may choose models with or without a sunroof or with or without a sporty look, depending on the Audi India price.

The next step allows you to choose you’re the exterior colour. This choice depends on the locations you expect to be driving your car to. Ensure that the colour matches the person who is supposed to be riding it.

Now on the following link, you can even choose your interior colours from black or beige. This experience is entirely opposite to that of other lesser brands.

Now comes the important part. You can select from a wide range of accessories. From the Audi Child Seat with ISOFIX and anti-theft wheel bolts to emergency kits, rear spoilers, side sills, mirrors and grilles.

For the comfort of your family, you may put in entertainment systems and navigation units, etc, to make your own unique one of a kind vehicle.

Finally, your Audi India price is ready for the final step. You may also schedule a callback from an agent or simply book a test drive before you make that final decision.