If you are wondering why Audi became synonymous with success when there are many other luxury cars competing for the spot of prestige, it is probably because of the combination of excellent performance, economy, style and safety, all at the affordable Audi price list! “Audi’s success is due in part to an overall reputation for making vehicles with a low cost of ownership”, said David Wurster, the president of automotive analytics firm Vincentric, reported the Forbes magazine in 2013. If it was marketed as the best value for money then, it is even more so now, in the Indian market. A testament to it is the fact that Audi became the first luxury car to achieve the feat of sales leadership in two consecutive calendar and financial years.

Five Features that Makes Audi the Perfect Choice

4 Wheel Drive: For gearheads across the world, when it comes to 4-wheel drive, there is nothing better than the Quattro technology. It is especially a dream come true for those who like to drive off the beaten road, or go on long drives in general. Superior four-wheel drive when coupled with the astounding Audi price list, makes it a worthwhile deal.

Safety Features: If you are particular about disc brakes and air bags, you will be swept off your feet with the pre-sense safety feature that is offered in Audi automobiles. This feature is supported by a high definition camera and a sensor that all feeds information to the car’s ‘pre-sense’ feature allowing it to preempt a collision and intervene to mitigate its effects.

Style: The iconic shapes and the signature Xenon and LED lights that Audi offers on most of its cars makes them head-turners. There is no other luxury car in the same segment that comes close to Audi when it comes to grabbing attention. Moreover, the quality of the interiors is also unparalleled.

Power and Fuel Economy: The powerful TFSI petrol engine and TDI diesel engines allow race-course level horsepower and at the same time offers unbeatable economy. This is also because of the lighter build that allows Audi cars to move faster than ever and at the same time, require less fuel.

Entertainment and Navigation System: The Audi Multimedia Interface system and DVD offers navigation and information of the highest quality. It comes with a dynamic route guidance system that can take traffic information into account when choosing a route, thereby not only enhancing driving experience, but also minimizing use of fuel.