Audi, a German luxury car maker company has come up with this splendid offer where now a customer can drive away Audi at ex-showroom prices. This means that Audi on road price in Delhi is now same as its ex-showroom prices. Audi looking at its market getting stronger wanted to strengthen it further hence came up with this strategy to lure its clients.

Audi as a brand has become synonymous to uber luxury and comfort. With its impeccable services and premium products Audi has become the emperor dethroning the brands that were being embraced from ages.

Audi made radical impact in the market from the day it entered, it undoubtedly had the fierce approach. Well studied market and home-work well done was reckoned with its market strategy. Today Audi stands as the market leader and the only luxury brand to cross the mark of 10,000 units, proving the mettle of its cars and services.

In order to reach out to masses and maintain the authenticity of the car it has opened it service centre, where customers can be sure of getting the best servicing of the car. The cutting edge technology and machineries are installed to service the car so that you can experience Audi every time you rev-up your engine. They also assure their customer that if there is a replacement of parts only genuine parts will be reinstated. This service is exclusively available on the Audi Service, Gurgaon. Interesting and appealing various packages that the service centre offers also manifest the scrupulous attitude of Audi as a brand.

Audi had a perfect timing whether it is related to launch of new products or introduction of new services. This feature has played underpin in making the brand the ruler of the market. Undoubtedly this German brand is giving a stiff competition to other luxury brands, keeping up with Audi is undoubtedly becoming an uphill task for its peers.