Audi, a German luxury car maker is the most loved luxury car brand in India. The proof of this is the launch of yet another new model Audi A3 Cabriolet, a convertible variant of the standard A3 model. Positioned as a car for the Lovers, its tagline ‘Love is in the Air’ truly complements this positioning. The growing number of high net-worth individuals and young professional keeps widening their market scope. Audi price in India ranges from 2,895,000 Lakhs starting with the entry-level Audi A3 and closes up to as high as 3,305,000 Lakhs. Audi Engines comes in three different forms: FSI, TFSI and TDI. FSI and TFSI are Audi’s innovative, high performance petrol engines whereas TDI is Audi’s super efficient diesel engine.The company has an enviable range of SUVs, sedans and sports cars.

The overall luxury car market in India grew at 7 % last year with a sale of 32,000 units overall. Audi, meanwhile, registered 11 % growth between January and December 2013. The year 2014 has been a year of several ‘firsts’ for them. Audi, who became the first to breach the 10,000 sales mark in 2013, has already surpassed that number in 2014 with December still to end. The price range for various Audi models are as follows: Audi A3 price range 28.95-33.05 Lakhs, Audi Q3 price range 2,549,000-3,680,000 Lakhs, Audi A4 price range 3,030,000-3,974,000 Lakhs, Audi A6 price range 3,990,000 – 6,313,000 Lakhs, Audi Q5 price range 4,080,000-6,011,000 Lakhs, Audi Q7 price range 5,865,000-8,364,000 Lakhs. So, what are you waiting for? Again as Audi completes its 10000 sales in November it is inviting you to drive home your Audi today at Ex-showroom=On-road price for A4 and A6 models till this year end. Visit Audi Gurgaon showroom today and experience luxury yourself.