Ever wondered what your new desire in life is… the Audi A3.  The Audi feeling  is a load of feelings, the car makes you want to be your partner for life. When it turns on, you turn on. When it stops, you skip a beat. When it moves, you feel the meaning of nothing that lies in something.  Short and sweet is the nature that is conveyed in its vroom!  With a mighty horsepower that makes it grunt all the way, the car speaks for itself. Giving you the choices of engines, the TDI and the TFSI both work successfully in giving you intangible pleasure that feels real. Gearboxes are introduced in different models, the Audi A3 35TDI with a 6-speed S tronic gearbox and the 40TFSI with a 7 Speed S tronic. The combination of auto and manual functions in its S-Tronic transmission makes you want to push the pedal to the metal. The mileage ensuring that every miniscule drop of the fuel can fill you with joy of riding. With killer looks, the slender aluminum windows, the race back infrastructure and the halogen lights, could lighten up your life. Also has a 10 speaker audio system with a main in the dashboard and a subwoofer that would make you jive when you drive.

Speed will continue giving the thrills with airbags and lock system that ensures your safety. Available in colors ranging from Milano red to brilliant black, it is a car that both the sexes would want.