Picture this, a car that has the power-to-engine capacity per litre ratio greater than a Lambo, has four doors, a boot and has four corona rings stuck on its grill.

The RS7 is essentially the Audi A7 with a far superior engine, a twin-turbo 4.0 litre V8 pumping out 553 bhp to be precise, an eight-speed automatic transmission and a permanent all-wheel Quattro transmission setup.  In comparison the S6 makes ‘only’ 414 bhp, a whole 139 less than its elder brother. The massive output results in this beast having torque figures of 71.38 kgm at 1750 rpm and doing a 0-100 kmph in an astonishing 3.9 secs, which is faster than the time you would take to read this sentence.  Keep your feet pinned to the throttle and the car would zip up to 255 kmph and if that is not enough, on a special request, the top speed limiter can be deactivated which would allow you to take these set of wheels to a face-ripping 305 kmph!

Equipped with the Drive Select system, a driver can choose between the face-altering Dynamic mode and the much calmer Comfort mode. Riding on standard air suspensions, the RS7 sits 10 mm lower than the A7 but that does not do too much difference to the comfort levels. Set the Drive Select in Comfort mode and your back wouldn’t complain as much as you would think it would. The Comfort mode softens the suspension and blunts throttle responses whereas the Dynamic mode would throw everything that the car has.

Enough of the insides, now to the outsides. So how does one differentiate the regular A7 from this monster? Look for the 20-inch black wheels shod with 275/35 R20 tyres that help put down all the power. A reworked rear bumper with the trademark RS-spec oblong exhausts on either side completes the re-skinning of the car, enough to make it stand out from its sober brother.

So if dropping the kids to school, doing the usual airport run and heading to work on adrenaline was your idea of a normal day then please welcome, the Audi RS7. Still need to test drive? Visit the Audi Gurgaon showroom.

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