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Hello Audi A6, and Hallo Deutschland!

  Hello Audi A6, and Hallo Deutschland! Buy the coveted Audi A6 and win a trip to Germany*! How’s this for some great news – you can now buy the gorgeous new Audi A6 in India, and make a pit stop in Germany! That’s right, the Audi A6 is now your ticket to a trip […]

Audi A4: The Daily Shot in the Arm

Audi’s bestselling model family, the A4, flaunts a spectacular appearance complemented by coordinated proportions, clear-cut headlights, and the steady and tranquil lines that run along the side of the sedan, thus giving it an athletic appearance in the process. The Audi A4 sedan further captivates the onlooker with its powerful-looking front with the three-dimensional Singleframe […]

The Principle of Constant Innovation

Audi believes that if you are at the pinnacle of the competition, it is not enough to merely safeguard your leading position. In fact, you must endeavour to expand that lead. This philosophy essentially means that Audi doesn’t stop at just reaching the top but continues to establish new benchmarks of competition and paving the […]

Undertake An Adventure Everyday

Audi A4 captivates with its trailblazing fusion of expressive design and technology. The sedan’s luxurious design in accord with lightweight construction, effective powerplants, and innovation culminates in the brand’s bestselling series of cars. The powerful and efficient A4 sedan proclaims Audi’s athletic panache and distinctive elan via the progressive LED headlamps with a modernistic light […]

Take The Road Less Travelled

Put a powerful engine, Audi’s famed quattro all-wheel drive system, a bundle of cutting-endge technologies together and what you get is the stunning Audi Q7. The SUV makes a bold statement with its groundbreaking design, spirited looks, sculpted lines, and thrilling performance. Its compelling presence emanates from every angle, thanks to the 3D-hexagonal single-frame grille, […]

Audi A3: An Elegant Combination Of Luxury, Technology, And The Future

Audi’s motto “Vorsprung durch Technik” is evident in every inch of the A3 saloon. A spectacular amalgamation of contemporary design, distinguished engineering, and refined technology, the Audi A3 is everything you can possibly dream of. Every bit of the Audi A3 saloon is extraordinary – the single-frame grille, the wedge-shaped headlights, the discernible profile, the […]

The Union Of Excellence And Innovation

A luxury car is defined by a lot more than just the name of its segment; it is distinguished by its novel design, revolutionary technology and their arrangement like the the vicissitude of the seasons. From the drawing board to the car – Audi breathes life into outstanding design, elegant interior architecture with each car. […]

Find The Car Of Your Dreams With An Audi Test Drive

Buying a car is an intricate process – it involves careful consideration of what the product offers, its value for money, and how it fits the needs of the family it will become a part of among other equally important concerns. The primary step on this course is a test drive and an Audi test […]

Test Drive – Fall in Love – and Purchase

Livemint reported that Audi sold 650 more cars than Mercedes Benz in 2014 in India, thereby holding on to its #1 position in the Indian luxury car segment for the second year in a row. In fact, the German manufacturer reported that it sold a total of 10,851 units through 2014, as compared to Mercedes’ […]

Pay Service Bills and Outstanding Payments at a Click of a Button

Now that you have bought an Audi, you will discover that the experience does not just end at ownership and the driving pleasure. This German manufacturer has managed to impress everywhere not just with its precision engineering and elegant styles, but also with its after sales service, especially, if you are located in the National […]

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